Thursday, August 2, 2012

scramble feeling

lets merapu...

I seriously miss that feeling. feeling like someone in silence.
others matched you and me, because you care about me and always disturb me. oopppss!! sorry... im not goana tell them i like you. huhu..

but i never felt this feeling. you name always  appear in my mind. feel something missed when i did not see you in one day. cant you believe it..? what's that haa..?? urrgghhh!! i don't like it..

what i like today..? when our TL ask you to join us this afternoon. I know why she do that. :)
yuppp ...! I am happy. more happy when you are just doing my request .. Pity you have to carry a lot. but I'm more happy because you still want to carry mine. when I ask you hold my wallet, you do not mind it. you just carry it even your hand already full.

happy when you sit in front of me. :) but im not happy with your joke. please la. I was kind of dignity. I do not like .. yes ...! I know you joked with me. but don't too much, oke!

im sorry for tonight incident. didn't mean to be angry at you. I was tension. you make stupid joke. I was angry just a joke. shocked...!!! when you no longer criticize me. just like i didn't exist in front of you.
hopefully.. we goana oke tomorrow. can't wait to see you..with your style disturb me.. wahh..!!! :)

by:: cik chachers

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