Friday, August 3, 2012

feeling story

yeah..!!! i have thing to me merapu.

oke! im seriously don't like the beginning of our day. you just silent and act like we did not know each other.
seriously don't like. but feel better after you ask what i want for break the fasting. im give up with my feeling after you act like we did not knoe. you pass in front of me but looks like i did not exist. oke.! better silent. don't want to address you anymore unless  for important thing. huh!

but (im smile back) you so cute when ask our TL to make a group conversation. wakaka... i think it for serious thing. actually it just chat with others. you became yourself to make me smile. yaww!!! thanx for tonight. at least i can smile with your teasing ... yeaakkk!!! :P
haish! if we like a person, we will like everything he do :)

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