Tuesday, April 3, 2012

dekat tapi jauh


dekat tapi jauh... macam tajuk lagu zainal abidin plak,kan..? ahaha! sometimes that feeling will come in our heart without any notice.cehh.. padahal ape-ape feeling yang datang pun mana ada notice,kan..?? ahaha!
kenapa tiba-tiba tajuk ni  dibicarakan...?? entah. aku pun tak pasti kenapa. mungkin ani adalah salah satu perasaan yang sedang aku alami. ala.. bukan mungkin, memang pun. mengaku aje la,kan..?? kah kah kah

yes ! for sure im currently face this feeling. with whom..?? that's not the point. but of course with person i love, right..? just imagine that person in front of you. previously that person are/is the same person make you laugh, give spirit and you can share everything. but right now, when he/she stand in front of you, its like  there have a wall between both of you. perggh..!!! oke! if this situation happen to you guys, whats you guys going to do..??

sometimes we have problem with our own minded. also me.. sometimes i feel this situation with my housemate even my roommate. im always thinking that they don't like me to stay here. i should get off from this place. aiyyooo..!!!  stop thinking ridiculous la... actually the situation is we  are rarely come face to face.. just imagine, sometimes in a week, we never face to face. why..? because we all have different shift. even with my roommate, sleep at the same bed. fuhh! simple to say "aku balik, dye da tidur. aku bangun, dye dah pergi kerja.". so, what else if with my housemate. i mean a different room, right.?

then we have different off day. just that day the time for rest, sleep, hang out. so, if come face to face, you will be silent even there have a lot of story.
just realize something. different age, will face different situation because we handle a different responsible.
but for me, maybe it there's something  or reasons of this situation. and i know it my fault. :)

oke.! thats enaough for tonight.! thank you for calling TM.. ahaha! perghh!! terbelit lidah aku sumer nak kene speaking.. take-takpe.. berlatih.! kah kah kah.! gud nyte, you olls's. hope tomorrow will be a better day than today as all people hope :)



Saya mEmang suka Menuliz:D said...

yup thats right..sometime macam nak sembunyi dlm peti ais when I met with the person that i love..wakaka..lagi pedih hati when saw him with his gf..so what do u think..should reena cekik dia or his gf..juz kidding..=)

cik chAcHers said...

ehehe! maybe the idea is good. tapi klu cekik xdpat pape. pe kate reena join them pahtu wat muke xtau.. dekat da tu..:P