Friday, April 15, 2011

i'm in down mood..

every person goanna feel it...down sampai nk nanges pom ade,kn?
down when you miss the person you love so much...
down when you didn't get what you want..
down when you in trouble & stress.
down when you have no one besides you..
yeah.. that im  feel now..huh!! <unlike!!>

how to improve your mood???
here some tips for readers and also me...~!!!

1. try to make new frens..
well..hubungan yg sihat dgn kawan2 bleyh 
buatkan anda lupe seketika tentang2
insan2 yg tiada di depan anda..:)

2. think positif.. mungkin ape yg inginkan itu tak dapat sekarang..
but one day you can get better than that.
trsut me!! just keep sabar dan usaha:)

3. TROUBLE IS FRENS!!! remember that..
tiada manusia yg tidak penah rase tiada kesusahan..

4. common tips for stress..Have Fun.
Make a point to do something you enjoy..
 tu adalah terapi terbaik utk hilangkan stress..
tgk movie, or show yg funny.. oke?? :)

5. don't thinx bout others who not besides you..
masih ade kawan2 yg sentiasa ade utk bersama anda.. 
jgn lari dr mereka bile down..try to communicate.. ;) love JJB =p

so, have fun u ollss!!! =p

simple tips from  me!! :

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